Thursday, March 19, 2020

QuestionsAboutMarijuana.org - RSS Feeds Resynched

Better Deliverability of the RSS Feeds

Today marks the important day for QuestionsAboutMarijuana.org the site dedicated to asking tough questions about marijuana, cbd, legalization and all phases of the weed industry in 2020.  Since the recent legalization of marijuana in the State of Oklahoma, major changes in the economy and the way that people view and respond to the favored herb is being seen.  This leads to burning (pardon the pun) questions on how other people react to marijuana and the impact that it has on the economy, the Government and the culture in general.

Resynching of the RSS feed for the site means better usability, readability and deliverability to those seeking to use the feed on their own site.  This is all done in an effort to keep the content flowing smoothly and easily.  All of the original posts will be found by scrolling to the bottom of the site.  There will be no disruptions in the quality of the content, only a different position on the site will be used in order to make the bandwidth usage more efficient.

Questions About Marijuana

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Questions and Answers About Marijuana

The topic of marijuana in 2019 ranges from the stoner conversations about how good iti si to get high to the more professional attitude towards the prized weed and the overall health and wellness benefits that can be derived from partking of the product.  CBD OKIE, the timely and thought provoking website created and designed by Anonymous Email Address, is on a mission.  That mission is to provide readers with not only timely and thought provoking information about marijuana, CBD and all related products, but also to offer them a more intense look at the actual trends in the marijuana industry and what goes on in the background.

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