Friday, January 3, 2020

Marijuana-The New Conspiracy Theory?


What If?

What if all of the hype, fanfair, popularity, supposed medical benefits, the natural highs being talked about all over social media were nothing more than a diversion?

What if all the rantings and ravings about marijuana were nothing more than a plot.  A sinister plot to overtake the minds and thinking of average people to a more advantageous endeavor?

What if the manipulations, the theories about getting rich growing marijuana were simply a way to get more people involved in the industry so yet another take over of average American citizens would be a definite possibility?

What if sedating the minds of Americans could allow for a super power to be introduced without them even knowing or caring about it?

What if this were absoluely true?

What would YOU do about it?

Once, Religion was the Opiate of the People

To be more clear, the thought behind that statement simply says that changing thought changes people.  To put it into more modern terms.  Could marijuana, in fact, be the actual new opiate of the people?  Could it be that we as a race could become so benign, so apathetic, so uncaring that it would be entirely possible for there to enter into our world a new super leader for all of mankind?  Who would this leader be?  Would he be the return of The Savior, or something quite different?  Is it, or would it be possible to absolutely and totally take over human beings, make them do, say and live exactly as was wanted to be for an evil and tyrannical leader of some sort to rule the entire planet?

Is Marijuana Good or Evil?

Depending on the view, marijuana and all that it could do for humanity, the planet and The Universe in which we live could be being sold as absolutely and totally good.  After all, look at all that can be done with marijauna:

  • Marijuana can help to heal the human body.
  • Marijuana can be used to generate electricity
  • Marijuana can be used to build homes
  • Marijuana can be used to build vehicles
  • Marijuana provides jobs
  • Marijuana provides relief
  • Marijuana provides relaxaction
  • Marijuana provides fun
  • Marijuana can become the savior of the planet earth by ridding the need for fossil fuels

Having said all of this, is marijuana in fact, good or bad? 

To be blind to the truth is a form of escape-Anonymous Email Address

Questions and Answers About Marijuana

The topic of marijuana in 2019 ranges from the stoner conversations about how good iti si to get high to the more professional attitude towards the prized weed and the overall health and wellness benefits that can be derived from partking of the product.  CBD OKIE, the timely and thought provoking website created and designed by Anonymous Email Address, is on a mission.  That mission is to provide readers with not only timely and thought provoking information about marijuana, CBD and all related products, but also to offer them a more intense look at the actual trends in the marijuana industry and what goes on in the background.

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