Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Could Marijuana Save the Planet?


Changing Minds about Marijuana

I want you, yes you, the one who came to Questions About Marijuana to see what it is all about, I want you to think.  This may seem like an odd way to start an article about marijuana;  however, if you will bear with me for just a moment, it will hopefully all make sense.

I want you to go outside yourself for just one moment in time and think.  Stop thinking about the news, politics, what you will eat for supper, what you will watch on tv, when you will go to bed and all of the other billions of thoughts that ramble through your mind on a hour by hour basis.  I want you to think about one thing.

Planet Earth

Why should you, yes you, think about planet earth?  After all, there is nothing that one little human being could do to save the Earth, right?  WRONG!  In reality, saving planet Earth begins and ends with you!  Now that we have that out of the way, think about how you would save the earth.  Would you make it cleaner, greener, a more healthy and pleasing place for you and your kdis to live?  Would you see that the politicians and industrialists no longer have control over the planet and try their dead level best to kill it off?  Would you do that?  Could you do that?

This may seem like an arduous task to you.  Ok, its hard, right?  Its hard to think about you, yes you, Mr. or Ms. human being having the control over the entire planet, but in reality, changing minds is something that we can all do each and every day.  We can change the way we think by what we think.  We can change what we do by doing something different.  We can live differently simply by making a conscious effort to do so.

Now that I have melted your head, perhaps I have begun to make you see that YOU can make a difference in the planet Earth for all eternity.  Thinking about a plant may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is.  There is a plant on planet Earth that grows and thrives and holds more potential for good in the world than almost any other thing.  It is not some drug.  It is not some new fangled invention that some Youtuber has come up with to make money.  It is not some notion that some scientists have gotten together to sell humanity.

It is a simple green, growing and thriving plant that is real, here and it is alive.  It is ready to tell humanity that there is a different way to live.  It is a chance to rid yourself of the hold of pharmaceuticals, doctors and healers that make money from you.  It is a simple little plant that can cure the energy crisis forever.  It is a plant that can supply cheap efficient energy that heals the planet, not destroy it.  It is a little green plant that can cure the problem is transportation around the globe.  From this little green growing plant, there comes the opportunity for life.  There comes the opportunity for healing.  There comes the opportunity for wellness.  What is this miracle plant?  Where does it come from?  Where does it grow?  What must it be called?


At this point in time, you may THINK that you know all about marijuana that there is to know.  Well, chances are pretty good that you only know about marijuana as being a drug that is evil and destructive and leads to other drug uses like heroine and crack.  If you think like this, then please, click off, go away and peddle your misbegotten religious views somewhere else.  I do not choose to listen to those at all.  I want to hear what marijuana can do for me and this planet and all of humanity to make it better, safer, cleaner, greener, more prosperous, healthier and a place that we can all exist in peace.

Can Marijuana Save the Planet?

Changing Minds One Thought at a Time-Anonymous Email Address


Questions and Answers About Marijuana

The topic of marijuana in 2019 ranges from the stoner conversations about how good iti si to get high to the more professional attitude towards the prized weed and the overall health and wellness benefits that can be derived from partking of the product.  CBD OKIE, the timely and thought provoking website created and designed by Anonymous Email Address, is on a mission.  That mission is to provide readers with not only timely and thought provoking information about marijuana, CBD and all related products, but also to offer them a more intense look at the actual trends in the marijuana industry and what goes on in the background.

Could Marijuana Save the Planet?

Move away from all your thoughts and realize what you have the capability of doing. If you could save Planet Earth, would you do it?

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