Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Marijuana for Thanksgiving?

A Look at Thanksgiving Day 1970

Thanksgiving ?ay, 1970, started off crisp and cold.  Feeding the cattle was the first order of the day on the farm in the way back.  Colder weather always meant paying just a little more attentio to all of the livestock on the farm and the chores went on no matter what the day was.  Mom, busy in the kitchen proparing that big old bird, with all of the smells coming from the home made the senses reel in preparation for sitting down to the dinner table precisely  @ 12 noon.  There was no deviation from breakfast lunch and supper as far as times were concerned.  In Texas, the meal was always ready and you just better come and get it, or she would throw it all out.  That was plenty enough warning to get everyone in the fileds to come running.  Man, I tell you that big old bird was golden brown with the best tasting dressing and giblet gravy that ever passed a Texas table.  The very thought of that turkey is enough to bring back the fondest memries of the growing up on a farm and ranch in the Texas Panhandle..

The house, the farm and all that was done to earn a living was directly related to hands on work.  There were no vacations, no time off, no sick days and certainly no compaining about not feeling good on this day.  There was no charity, no food stamps, no cell phones and nothing but good, honest and hard ass work.  That was growing up in Texas where I came from.  I can still  smell the fresh turned earth.  The days were hard, sweet and good. 

Thanksgiving Day was also traditionally one where the men gathered together in another room and began cleaning their shotguns in preparation for the hunt.  Basically8 anything and everything was in season to these guys and was always made that much better with a couple of fifths of Wild Turkey.  For some strange reason, in Texas, guns, Wild Turkey and Thanksgiving Day just went together.  All the days that this author remembers drinking, shooting and eating were involved.  It was a rare thing indeed for their to be a sober soul, man wise, in the house on that day.  We thought nothing about this at all, it was just what it was.

Thanksgiving Day 2019

Mom, bring out the good bong, company is coming over!

On Wednesday evening, Mom just got off work and headed off to the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant.  This tradition began back a few years ago when she started a successful career in banking.  Gone were the days when the old bird was cooked at home.  The flavor and smell of Cracker Barrel was good, but could never compete with the good warm feeling that the cooking bird gave to a home.  The invitations were all sent to the relatives to come on over for Thanksgiving Day at our house.  Everyone from the grandparents to the aunts and uncles and of course all of their kids were invited.  That day, Cracker Barrel did pretty well just on this family alone as there were a lot of hungry people headed to the old hacienda in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now in case you do not know much about Tulsa, this is a thriving city built on the Arkansas River.  It is the fastest growing city in the US and believe me when I say that the turnpikes attest to this!  The rare thing about Tulsa is that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Green abounds in the spring and summer and nowhere is the scenery any more breathtaking than here.  Other than that, Tulsa is the new home of legalizaed marijuana.  This shocking occurrence just happened a few short months ago and literally, mom and pop marijuana dispensaries are cropping up everywhere.  There are few places that you can go without seeing these and the once ultra-conservative thinking people of Tulsa, Oklahohoma, are beginning to spread the good word about the benefits and solutions of using markijuana.

Now, instgead of the men gathering in the back of the home for booze and guns, they turn to a more simplified experience of bringing out the "good bong" which is only used when company comes.  The smoking will begin as soon as the guests arrive, and honesly has been ongoing since awakening in the morning.  Good feelings of peace, harmony and fellowship follow the trail of African Broccoli as the tokers spend their quality time enjoying a before dinner high.

The Devil's Lettiuce is popula in this household and there is simply no issue amongst the old and young as they happily enjoy the journey.

Have Things Changed So Much?

In this author's opinion, the answer would be yes.  The Thanksgiving Days of yesteryear were always filled with controversy and drama.  The gathering of the family always meant that someone somewhere weas going to get their feelings hurt.  There seems to be none of this in the modern times.  The doobie seems to take the edge off the drama and allows everyone to just be.  Can that be a bad thing?

Questions and Answers About Marijuana

The topic of marijuana in 2019 ranges from the stoner conversations about how good iti si to get high to the more professional attitude towards the prized weed and the overall health and wellness benefits that can be derived from partking of the product.  CBD OKIE, the timely and thought provoking website created and designed by Anonymous Email Address, is on a mission.  That mission is to provide readers with not only timely and thought provoking information about marijuana, CBD and all related products, but also to offer them a more intense look at the actual trends in the marijuana industry and what goes on in the background.

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