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Is It Safe to Smoke Marijuana?

How Safe is Marijuana?

At Questions About Marijuana the tough questions are being asked about everything aspect of marijuana.  Even though the answers are not necessarily popular, they do come with a lot of work and research on the various topics about which are written.  Is it safe to smoke marijuana?  This question comes from the social media outlets where people are posting each and every day on Twitter, toking away on elaborate bongs to their little hearts content.  The huge amounts of smoke that these new techno bongs produce boggles the mind.  There is so much smoke inhaled from the prized weed that is something that has to be seen to be believed.  As good, or so the stoners say, as marijuana supposedly is, can it possible be a good thing to inhale that much of anything into the lungs?  Will there be a time down the road where all of this great stuff will take a toll on the human body?  How about second hand weed smoke?  Is it as harmful as cigaratte smoke?  Once again, Questions About Marijuana simply provides that one question leads to another.

Do Your Own Research on Google

Obviously, the pros and cons of marijuana are varied.  There are those that say that marijuana is completely safe and good for you.  There are those that are completely and totally dead set against it.  The soothing effects of marijuana are well known.  As the treatments for pain and suffering that CBD products can offer;  however, the long term effects of inhaling large quantities of any kind of smoke should be thought out completely.  This author, suffering from ashthma for a good part of existence in this life knows full well that anything inhaled, other than fresh air, can/will/ and is not good for you.  Having been a smoker, now turned non pugger, the differences in not being hooked on smoke are far ranging.  Do the benefits outweigh the bad side effects of pot?  It is supposed that everyone simply needs to make their own choices here.

There will always be exceptions to any rule.  Willie Nelson is a prime example of what marijuana can do for you.  Over 90, Nelson has been a toker for most of his life.  He will stand by his views that marijuana is totally good for you.  There are those;  however, that it is certainly not good for in any way.  So there you have it.  Marijuana is not really different from prescription drugs.  Works for some, and not others. may just be a great way to explain the dilemma of smoking marijuana.

Dr. Green Country expresses concerns over the large amounts of smoke that the new bongs deliver.  He states, "back in my day, basically we rolled our own joints.  These small marijuana cigarettes delivered a nice high from a few tokes.  We usually gathered in small groups and passed the weed around.  This in itself was probably not the best idea;  however, we enjoyed the times we had with smoking a joint or two with friends.  This new approach to smoking, using elaborate bongs is something that needs to be seen to be believed.  The huge amounts of smoke ingested here cannot possibly be healthy for the body.  Pure fresh air, sunshine and good food will do much more for the body than smoke from a weed will ever do."

Individual Choice

The bottome line here is that each individual must decide for themselves what to do with their body.  We each have choices to make that can/will affect us.  Whether this is a good thing, or a bad thing, it is just the way life is.  No one can dictate what is good for everyone, just because it is good for you.  Anonymous Email Address chooses not to be controlled by anyone or anything.  The choices made here come from years of stuggle, strain and pain and finding the true answer sto life's questions has not been easy.

The main thing is this.  Make your choices and stick kto them.  One of the worst things that anyone can do is to become entitled.  In other words, if you choose to smoke huge amounts of weed and later on in life it comes back to bit you in the ass, just take your licks and keep moving forward.  Do not start blaming anyone but yoruself for your mistakes.  In case you have not noticed it, there is trend today.  No one takes responsibility for anything at all.  They all want to blame ethos for their mistakes.  Just take our licks and goi one, its the only way.

Anonymous Email Address-Shut Up and Move Forward!

Questions and Answers About Marijuana

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